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Home Network

Wired or Wireless? We think both. Our Routers, Switches and Network interface modules make it easy to share files, music and printers throughout your home. Access Point(s) mount unobtrusively in the ceiling or in the wall for the best coverage, letting you roam freely inside and outside your home while surfing the Net from your Laptop, Smartphone or iPad! Now you'll always have the information you'll need, when you need it. Share Photos, Music & More!


Wouldn’t you like to release all those Photos, Videos and Music from your computer and have them available anywhere in your home? Well now you can! Summit Automation will set up your network so that you can view your Photos on any TV in your home or around the world! In fact all those songs you ripped onto your computer can be heard not only on your iPod but in any room of your home. It all starts with a home network. Contact Summit Automation to find out how we can make that a reality.


home network solutions
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